Microsoft Digital Lens

Microsoft Digital Lens 1.0

Simulates some of the most common vision impairment conditions (See all)
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Vision problems affect most of the population during their lives: color blindness, cataracts, light sensitivity, glaucoma, macular degradation or blurry vision, just to name few common issues. The US government has acknowledged the problem and published "Section 508", a requirement that federal agencies and major web sites must adhere to in order to support individuals with disabilities. The European Union has adopted a similar standard for its sites, the W3C WCAG. Digital Lens simulates some of the most common vision impairment conditions by modifying the desktop to emulate the condition, allowing companies to identify issues and modify the design to be accessible to more users. Digital Lens can be used to review the UI and visuals of applications, web sites and even authoring and design tools. UI elements that are inaccessible can be detected at a glance.

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